Don’t Just Make a Marketing Claim. Prove it!

Nowadays, when we stumble upon a new brand that we like the look of but don’t know anything about, we turn to customer reviews in search of reassurance. We look for confirmation of the quality of the products and how satisfied the brand’s existing customers are before we take the plunge and purchase. Building this trust can be challenging for new and existing brands but if your product really is as great as you claim it is then you shouldn’t have a problem proving it, right? 

The more sceptical consumers among us often need a little extra persuasion that a product or brand is trustworthy before making a purchase, but they should not be written off. Even if you have to work harder to gain their trust, once you do, you will have their loyalty for a long time. Often, they want to experience a product, see it, feel it, or observe it in action, to give them the confidence that it will live up to their expectations and that they will not be disappointed.  


” 56% of participants cited the ability to touch and try different products or services as the biggest driver in making consumers more likely to want to buy something in-store. “
Mood Media, 2019, USA

While testimonials, statistics, bold statements and the use of buzzwords can support a product claim well, if a brand is truly confident in their product then they should show consumers concrete evidence that it meets their claim, leaving them with no doubt in their mind. If a product claims to “instantly increase skin hydration”, the consumer wants proof that it does just that. USP Solutions’ sensory marketing tools (e.g. hydration tester) put your product claim to the test in a physical, tangible way demonstrating not only confidence in the product but proof of the claim.

Hydration Test Technology customized for Vaseline

First-hand experience or campaigns which incorporate a sensorial experience are the most effective way to assure those sceptics that your claims are genuine and that you deliver on promises. We are bombarded with so many marketing messages on a daily basis that it can be difficult for consumers to know who to trust. The fact alone that your brand is certain enough that the product will perform to demo it directly to consumers will instil confidence in them

Vitamin C Claim Proof Demo

Proving your product claim is all about being authentic and transparent, building trust, and having confidence in your product. 

Elevate your marketing storytelling by proving the product claim with USP’s Glycerine Detector