How to improve influencer marketing – and why.

Social influencer marketing has by now established its place in the world of social media. Every day, marketers are boosting their budgets assigned for social influencers campaigns, due to the success rates they are managing to obtain: In 2022, spending is expected to grow to $4.14 billion, compared to 2021’s $3.69 billion.

Increased brand awareness, better targeting and building genuine trust between a brand and it’s followers are just some of the advantages which lead to an increase in sales and, in the end, to an increase in profits.

The profit boost is, of course, the goal for every company. But let’s take a look at some concrete reasons that are leading to it: one of the most important facts is that sponsored posts on social media channels are not affected by ad-blocking technology. Furthermore, with the “right influencer” and “quality content”, that unwanted “just being an ad” feeling can be avoided. In contrast, social media posts can create genuine interest among the influencer’s followers. Besides that, many influencers have their blogs where they additionally mention brands or offer to make  sponsored blog posts.

Another positive factor is better targeting in the sense that your influencer is followed because his or her fans have an interest in his advice. Following someone on social media is a choice that every user makes for himself/herself. This is in sharp contrast to those ever-annoying advertisements that pop up. A lot of the influencers are interested in building a real fan base, with a lasting relationship and are not always in it for the money. They want to gain the respect and love of their followers.

The question of all questions: How can you as a beauty company ensure “quality content”? To what extent can you as a marketing manager influence an influencer’s post?

Providing the product to be tested is not enough. The best way to guide influencers is to enable them to “experience” your products with all their senses. Influencers need to have an emotional interaction with the beauty brand and the product you ask them to test and promote. Emotions enable influencers to tell a compelling “true” story which creates authenticity, and emotional replies and interactions in return.

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