How to Change Selling to Consulting in Direct Selling Situations

In Direct Selling a company’s success is strongly bound to client satisfaction. A happy customer will buy again, remain loyal and give referrals.

The question of all questions: How can I make them happy? Maybe with special promotions or small gifts? The answer is much easier, its impact is true and long-lasting.

In everyday business, there are many Moments of Truth, moments when customers interact with a brand. Each interaction helps paint the picture. In Direct Selling Sales Representatives are of high value. They create and influence many Moments of Truth, and can strongly influence a brand’s picture. Field Trainer and Sales Support Managers know that and try to support those small businesses at their best.

How can Field Trainers and Sales managers support their Sales Force in a way that creates a long-lasting and positive picture of the company, sets up strong bonds, and consumer satisfaction and finally becomes financially successful?

Their key is to provide Sales Reps with tools which help to change selling into consulting. Ideally, Beauty Consultants allow consumers to experience a Beauty Moment of Truth, a moment during which customers actively interact with a brand thus learning about their very own beauty traits.  Beauty Consultants help perform the test, evaluate the result with the client, and recommend the best matching product. Customers will purchase the product just right for them, buy again and even give referrals. The business of Beauty Consultants will constantly grow.

Change selling to consulting, it’s easy and will bring benefits to customers, Consultants and Direct Selling Companies.