How to Expand The Omnichannel Strategy in the Beauty Industry

Talking about omnichannel is hardly a new thing in marketing or business. With all the changes brought to us by the pandemic- having an impactful omnichannel strategy became crucial in the way, we in the skincare & the beauty industry conduct our business.

Let´s talk numbers: Omnichannel shoppers spend between 50-300 per cent more than single-channel shoppers, making them more valuable for retailers and brands.

That said, the omnichannel improvements we planned for “in a few years” must be done immediately. Yesterday, if possible.

Touchpoints before buying. Is this product a benefit for my problem? 

As consumers decide on skincare, they will have several interactions with the brand, offline or online. A few years ago, the average number of customer touchpoints, or product interactions, was about seven. Today, this could be the number of platforms they use to have the touchpoints: the needed interactions have increased to a few dozen.

Each consumer/brand touchpoint is an opportunity to form an opinion about the product, its benefits & claims, and your brand. Every positive view could lead to a purchase. Secondly, consumers seek more information about the product due to raised awareness. What is in the skincare product? Are the claims real? How was it made? Will it work for my skin concern?

If your brand makes mentioned touchpoints experiential and provides the wanted answers across multiple channels- digital and analogue; you will gain visibility, brand awareness, and brand trust.

How do you make the touchpoints memorable? The power of sensory consumer journey.

By having valuable, rounded offline and digital communication with consumers on various channels, retailers and Direct-to-consumer brands can collect more information about consumers. Better data improves targeting, which will ultimately increase ROI. When, what, and how are consumers being guided in an optimal consumer journey?

As a brand manager, how can you influence it and make sure that your target audience is engaged and provided with the answers they seek through all the channels in-store, online, and at home? The answer lies in creating the right shopping experience— evoking sensorial engagement- both physical and digital- PHYGITAL.

What is phygital in beauty marketing?

Phygital combines both online and offline communication. Phygital takes the best aspects from each environment and creates a complete and satisfying customer experience. Interaction is everywhere and at any time. As a result, the consumer spends more time in the store, has more exposure to the various categories, and becomes more predisposed to make purchases.

This is done through a customizable consumer journey empowered by SENSORIAL marketing tools offered on multiple channels. It keeps the consumer experience impactful no matter which channel they decide to use.

A customized sensorial consumer journey in skincare is one of the focuses of our experts at USP Solutions. After learning about your brand´s needs, we offer an existing or develop a new sensorial marketing tool tailored for your brand and is designed to support your activation on any or all channels, reaching people at the store, online, and at home.

USP Solutions’ sensory marketing tools engage your consumer in educative storytelling, digital product recommendation based on skin analysis, and providing an “at home” experience. The interaction at home is built on analogue touchpoints, evoking the senses and digital interaction, with a web service reached by mobile phones. The skin testing strips and web services are individualized depending on your product claim and your target audience. Additionally, they are hygienic, easy & safe to use, and highly impactful. This sensory brand experience is forging a stronger connection to the product and influencing the consumer.


A Webservice for digital engagement & product recommendation. Works with multiple technologies providing a better understanding of one’s skin type and skin condition.

If you are searching for ways to stimulate the purchase intent, digitally and offline, and make your brand relevant at any stage of the consumer journey or any platform contact experts at USP Solutions. We make your brand #experienceable.



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