They head to social media for advice…

Influencer marketing is now a crucial strategy for brands, especially for those in the personal-care and cosmetics sector. Leading this are Skinfluencers and Dermafluencers, who provide real reviews and expert analysis.

As part of this industry, one must investigate the significance of what brands can do. Capitalise on this marketing strategy. How important are demos for the brand, the influencers and the ultimately the consumers.

Who are these people?

Now just a quick review as to what these two categories of influencers are. One (the Skinfluencers) are often everyday individuals who have a passion for skincare beauty, and who share their personal experiences with skincare products. While the other, (Dermafluencers, who by the way, are my favourite type) are the experts with authority aka., dermatologists or skincare professionals who provide expert advice and insights.

Now both have their own following. One with a personal perspective that many seem to follow for their relatable content, and authentic reviews. The other has authority and credibility that comes from their professional background, making their endorsements highly valued by consumers seeking reliable information.

Ultimately, both need a constant flow of believable content which can really resonate with their audience. After all they are the brand’s consumers.

The impact of demos in social media

That brings me to the demo assets that are an important part of a brands strategy. Whose main job here is to get the influencers excited enough to build content. The easier a brand makes it for content creation, the more inclined the creator will be to showcase the product.

The use of demo assets in their content, does not only help in creating high-quality content; It is more engaging and informative, highlighting the product’s features and benefits. They also provides a tangible reference for their audience. This also helps the product to be represented consistently across various platforms, aligning with the brand’s messaging and positioning. Making reviews more authentic and relatable.

“My purpose and intent was just to educate about the basics of skin care and to help customers navigate shopping for skin care a little better since there is a lot of misinformation and industry-led ignorance, in order to have customers buy as much skin care as possible,”(

said Hawaii-based skincare influencer Hyram Yarbro, one of the most successful skinfluencers today. Here you may notice he mentions the industry as being ignorant. Well, isn’t a demo backed by science the best way to help clear up that misconception? and at the same time help to educate the consumers as well as the influencers.

Especially for dermfluencers, providing detailed research, clinical studies, and an educational demo tool for the product, can be highly beneficial. This allows them to create content that is not only promotional but also informative and educational. In fact, several dermfluencers have been noted to mention that having access to detailed studies and research helps them provide scientifically backed information to their followers, which enhances their credibility.

Don’t mess with the quality of the content, just feed it.

When working with skinfluencers or dermfluencers, it’s crucial that you don’t limit artistic freedom. Remember, that you are collaborating with them because they are familiar with their audience. You just need to equip them with the right material that goes along with your brand, to ensure the best outcome. After all, they have a large following because they consistently create stuff that their fans enjoy!

Sponsored posts that appear to be straight advertisements or are not credible will only turn off GEN Z viewers. Who, let’s be honest, are the one you are aiming for.

Bottom line, storytelling is the key to influencing social media fans; consumers want real recommendations from trusted influencers that are authentic and if it’s claim can be proven in plain view with a demo, all the better.

…And that is why we are the demofluencers (term coined by my brilliant colleague Sanja)