5 Reasons Why the Beauty Moment of Truth is So Powerful

Following the discovery of a new brand, every subsequent consumer-brand interaction is an opportunity. We can pinpoint these moments which significantly influence the loyalty of a customer and the ultimate success of a product or brand, thus it is invaluably important to utilize them effectively. In order of occurrence, these moments are recognized as: 

  • Stimulus – the all-important first impression, when a consumer’s attention is grabbed.
  • Zero Moment of Truth – a concept developed by Google(1), referring to the online research that consumers conduct at home, shaping their perception of the brand prior to shopping. 
  • First Moment of Truth – when the consumer sees the product in-store. 
  • Second Moment of Truth – the at-home experience as the customer uses the product. 

By incorporating an interactive element into a beauty product marketing strategy, it is possible to create a 5th opportunity, referred to as the Beauty Moment of Truth (BMOT)(2).

This moment of interaction, centred around an emotional sensorial experience, forges a powerful brand-consumer bond and due to its highly emotional nature, can be the most influencing moment in the decision-making process.  


The BMOT has 5 main benefits for both brand and consumer:

  1. Interaction – having a demo tool to hand provides an easy way to initiate a two-way conversation and engage the customer. They receive a personal service whilst feeling involved and having fun!
  2. Emotion – the senses are stimulated and the consumer subconsciously associates this sensory experience and information with the brand. Bonding is initiated and lasting memories are created.
  3. Learning – by utilizing a test strip for skin, hair, deo, sun or body care, consumers learn something about their beauty traits or needs. Again, the brand has an impact on a personal level, something which is highly valued by consumers.
  4. Revelation – this true ‘A-ha’ moment gets the individual thinking about how they can change their beauty regime to better treat their personal needs.
  5. Transformation – the cumulative result of the above experiences directs the consumer towards the product that best meets their needs. Post-purchase, the product performs and solves its problems, encouraging brand loyalty.


Procter & Gamble famously believes that “shoppers make up their mind about a product in the time it takes to read this sentence”, an insight which has encouraged the growth and increased the sophistication of in-store marketing. In an industry where every impression counts, make as many as you can and make them memorable!  


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