Beyond Smoke and Mirrors – another way to prove product claim

How delighted I am to expound upon the topic of cosmetic industry demos! As a gal of refined tastes, I must say that the use of videos to showcase product benefits is an idea that has its merits.

On the other hand let us not forget that in the world of cosmetics, you need to rely on science rather than special effects to showcase the high-quality, cost-effective executions of your products. One mustn’t be fooled by fancy graphics and flashy lights, oh no! Rigorous testing and data-driven results need to be used to prove the worth of your wares.


But why can’t these two powerful tools join to illustrate what the consumer is getting?

And so, with great pleasure, I bring to your notice that both marketing teams and R&D teams in the cosmetic industry are utilizing such videos to prove their product claim – scientifically – to great effect. Not only are these videos used for external marketing purposes, but they are also utilized for internal buy-ins, events, and demo development. What a splendid way to showcase the benefits of your products!

I recall developing a video for an R&D team that presented a video showcasing the performance of their new toothpaste. They used specially developed flowers that were simultaneously submerged in the new product as well as a competitor. It was truly a marvel of science, and I must say, as the flower from the competitor wilted and lost its colour while the newly developed product kept it fresh and bright. I just had to go out and try the product for myself.



Our video capabilities help you to showcase the true quality and value of your product. We’re not interested in flashy special effects or gimmicks to grab your attention. Instead, we help you to demonstrate the science behind your product and how it delivers what it promises. Just like a scientist conducts experiments to prove a hypothesis, we ideate with testing and research to prove the effectiveness of your product. Our video showcase can do this with scientific evidence, so you can see for yourself how your product performs vs. competitors and delivers real benefits. It’s not about smoke and mirrors; it’s about delivering results you can trust.

In conclusion, let us remember that in the world of cosmetics, it is not about smoke and mirrors, but about science and efficacy. So, next time you need a cosmetic industry demo, keep your wits about you and look for one with evidence-based results. And, if all else fails, simply remember the wise words of my dear friend Martha: ” Cold water is the only toner you need,” …yeah right!