How to determine the scalp sebum level? USP’s Scalp Sebum test is an educational marketing tool designed to empower product promotion of hair care.    As a marketing executiv

Beautiful hair is dandruff-free. The Dandruff Test answers the question, “Do I have dandruff?” It is a simple-to-use demo tool that allows consumers to determine their scalp

How does one visibly measure UV rays? USP Solutions’ UV Intensity Sticker is an interactive demo that educates and engages. When exposed to UV light, the test area reacts with a

How can the intensity ofUV rays be demonstrated? USP Solutions’ UV Intensity Test is a reliable and easy-to-use test that appeals to your consumer’s senses, enabling them to to

How effective is your UV product? When considering a product, consumers often ask themselves: does it hold promise? USP Solutions’ simple and easy to use UV Efficacy Card connect

Is my skin healthy? Tightness, redness, or flakiness can be signs that the skin’s acid mantle is damaged, but how can one be sure which product to use to match one’s skin needs

How to determine the moisture level of facial skin? Being confronted with the large choice of facial moisturizers can be quite overwhelming for consumers. Offering product recommen

Which anti-wrinkle product for which skin structure? It is not always easy to tell your consumers they need an anti-wrinkle product. On the other hand, for the ones who are aware o

How to determine the skin’s level of moisture? One of our bestsellers, Hydration Test, is a highly engaging marketing tool that aims to connect directly to consumer’s sense