Skin Type Test

Which skin care product works with which skin type?

How do you, as a marketing executive, help consumers identify and connect with your brand? Most of the time, consumers feel overwhelmed by the variety of skin care products available. Uncertain about their skin needs, they find it challenging to choose “the one.”

The Skin Type Test, USP Solutions’  bestseller, is a highly engaging, hygienic and safe to use marketing tool that reacts to sebum on the skin, allowing the consumer to determine whether she/he has a dry, normal, combination, or oily skin within seconds. This knowledge of their own specific skin type, combined with product information, guides consumers to purchase the appropriate skincare selections from your brand.

The goal is to appeal to consumer´s senses and to create an authentic connection with your brand. It elevates the brand activation to the next level, empowers consumer experience that is not only customized but haptic, and gives every consumer their own “Beauty Moment of Truth.”