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For their upcoming activation in South East Asia, the POND’S team was looking for a demo tool to prove claim truth and product superiority – easily, reliably and with no risk.

Our experts at USP knew that the key ingredient for a highly engaging tool is the understanding and translation of the POND’s team’s needs. Paired with a haptic experience, that stimulates the consumer’s senses, the sought-after solution promised true consumer engagement.

As a first step, initial concepts and prototypes, differing in size and shape, were sent to the POND’S team. Our 2D Wrinkle Test technology was evaluated as the best technological fit for this campaign.

After deciding on how the sensory marketing tool will be used in the campaign, the USP experts took the lead in handling artwork, printing and on-time delivery in the usual, professional manner.

This wrinkle test consists of two parts: a Powder Applicator and a Visual Patch. When used together, the strips deliver a 2-dimensional visualization of the skin’s surface structure and/or expression lines. By taking one test before using POND’s age miracle and another taken 1 week after having used the product, consumers learn about the efficacy of the POND’s age miracle product.

How It Works (corner of the eye version):

  • Gently apply the powder to the skin around the outer corner of the eye.
  • Place the Visual Patch on top of the powdered skin area.
  • Gently press visual patch on the area around the corner of the eye. Make sure the whole surface of the tool is placed on the skin – then remove.
  • Compare test area with the result fields and identify the skin structure.
  • Repeat test once having used the POND’s age miracle cream for 1 week.

Compare the two test results and see how effectively the Wrinkle Cream has smoothed your skin’s surface and reduced wrinkles.

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