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The Lubrizol Marketing team in Spain were attending a trade fair and needed a compelling tool that could entice visitiors to their booth. They need the tool for their sales force to be easy to use, and one that could prove the products claim; a non-mattifying foundation while delivering the texture and quality of the foundation to their customers.The team wanted the trade visitor to not only experience the product texture and coverage but also see how it reacts with oily skin before and after application. A tool that was engaging for the audience while educating them about the product’s efficacy.

The Lubrizol team had a wish list but with no clear idea how to implement it. They relied on USP to ideate and create a winning solution that checked all the boxes.

Working on our three-step ideation concept USP went on to develop a winning demo:

  • Demo Ideation ​– generating ideas and solutions that may best suit the project
  • Demo Development ​- evaluating and refining the ideas, based on their feasibility, impact, and alignment of Lubrizol, the aim was to select the most promising ideas that can be developed further. The selected ideas are then developed into prototypes or mock-ups to demonstrate how they would work in the real world. Using the product supplied by Lubriol USP packed each sample in a tube that was specifically sourced for the demo.
  • Demo Execution – Scaling up and delivering the winning prototype within the timelines

With each step being dependent on the success of the previous one and with a clear outcome (deliverables)​

It was important for the Lubrizol team to have a tool that was backed by science so the fair visitors could clearly understand their product claim as well have a sales tool that also kept the audience attentive and engaged .

USP came up with this foundation sample card that also had an integrated before and after oil control test.

Silsense Bio 5
Colour Cosmetics
Demo Creation
Less oily skin after applying foundation
Foundation tester with oil control
Oil Control Test

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